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Role and Influence: The IC trajectory beyond Staff

Software Engineering

The IC Path

  1. Junior Engineering Execute a task with supervision

  2. Senior Engineering Execute a task without supervision

  3. Staff Go from description to the tasks

  4. Senior Staff Go from well-defined problem area to the tasks

  5. Principal Understand an area and manage it

  6. Distinguishable+ Find the problems and fix them

Every job has four groups of skills

  1. The core technical skill (software engineering, UX, litigation, etc)
  2. Product management
  3. Project management
  4. People management

Every team needs leadership of all four types.

Your combo shapes the kind of influence you have:

  • Just engineering: Hyperspecialist (and your influence wanes)
    • Other tech skills (beyond end): Bridge and communicator
    • Product mgmt: Become strategic leade, shape direction
    • People mgmt: Become a mentor to the company, the person IC’s turn to
    • Project mgmt: Become an operational leader, drive execution