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Assignment: CLI App Testing

Docker Mastery


  • Use different Linux distro containers to check curl cli tool version
  • Use two different terminal windows to start bash in both centos:7 and ubuntu:14.04, using -it
  • Learn the docker container --rm option so you can save cleanup
  • Ensure curl is installed and on latest version for that distro
    • ubuntu: apt-get update && apt-get install curl
    • centos: yum update curl


Run a docker container and get into the shell

docker container run --rm -it ubuntu:14.04

Inside the docker container

apt-get update && apt-get install curl
curl --version

asciiname record here.

In centos:7

docker container run --rm -it centos:7
curl --version

in this case, curl was installed by default in centos

yum update curl

The one already installed was already the latest version of curl, because before and after update the version number still the same.

See asciinema record here.