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System Thinking is Not Optional

The Fifth Dicipline Systems Thinking is Not Optional

Everything is interconnected

Peter singh 11 law of system thinking

Today’s problem come from yesterday’s solution

We had time to prepare for this pandemic at the state, local, and household level, even if the government was terribly lagging, but we squandered it because of widespread asystemic thinking: the inability to think about complex systems and their dynamics.

The harder you push, the harder the system pushes back

When our initial efforts fail to fix a problem, we just push harder, we’re told that hard work will overcome all obstacles, but we fail to realize that often we are the ones creating the obstacles

Nature always win

In our ecosystem, human is the disease, and the pandemic is the cure

The easy way out usually leads back in

You go to the doctor because you have headache

Doctor gives you some pain pills, headche goes away

Couple weeks headache comes back, go back to the doctor, more pills, headache goes away, easy fix

Couple weeks later your head hurts so bad, you have go to the ER, doctors run some tests to gather data, and they diagnose you with Brain Tumor

Sometimes the easy of familiar solution is not only ineffective sometimes it is addictive and dangerous.

The long-term consequences of non-systemic thinking has increased the need for more and more of the solution.

Peter M. Senge - The Fifth Dicipline

Faster is slower

Every system has an optimal speed, when growth becomes execessive the the system will try to compensate by slowing down, and put all the system at risks.

Slow and steady is better than quick and careless, quick fix usually equals a slow cure.

We never have time to do it right, but he have time to do it over.