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Is Borderline Personality Disorder Not Treatable?

Is Borderline Personality Disorder Not Treatable?
Borderline Personality Disorder Talks

Beberapa gejala

Fear of abandonment

merasa takut, khawatir orang akan meninggalkan kita

Splitting behaviour

Kadang merasa semua orang baik, atau semua orang jahat

Emotional Instability

Mood swing dalam beberapa jam


over eat, over spend

Suicidal thought & self-injurious behavior

Jenis terapi yang diaplikasikan

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT terdiri dari beberapa bagian antara lain

  • Mindfulness
  • Distress tolerance
  • Emotion regulation
  • Interpersonal effectiveness


Mindfulness adalah pondasi dari DBT, ada 2 skill yang dilatih dalam lingkup ini

  1. What
  2. How
  • What

    Observe, describe, participate

    Oberserve what going on right now using your 5 senses

    Take a notes of what’s going on right now w/o changing anything

    Just notice without try to change anything

    describe it with non judgemental language


    I see 2 people walking together + I hate it when the wind like this -

    Do without any judgements

    participate without judging anythings don’t think they don’t really like us

  • How

    How we do the what skills

    We suppose to do them Non judgemental Mindfully Effective

    Distress tolerance

    Recognize negative scenario, knowing without reacting into it


    • Activities, do activities that we enjoy
    • Contribute, to someone around you
    • Comparisons, compare ur self to past you when u have thougher time
    • Emotions, use activities to trigger emotions, happy, joy
    • Push away, put distress emotion to aside
    • Thoughts, force think about anything else
    • Sensations, cold shower, eating something spicy

    Radical acceptance: just accept, stop trying to change it

Emotion regulation

3 main goals

  1. get better identify emotions
  2. lower our vulnerability
  3. decrease suffering


  • Accumulate positive
  • Building mastery
  • Coping, something bad happen we are ready? How to do it? Learn to generate positive emotion, like doing exercise!

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Deal with any conflict around us

We easily caught up in emotion and don’t see things clearly

describe express the emotion assert your self mindful of the situation appearing confident and assertif negotiate