Wayan Jimmy's Brain

1/2 Smile


Components of emotions

Well emotions are the combination of thoughts, sensations, and behaviours

When we have a negative emotion, changing one of these components can be extremely useful

For example, human emotions are largely connected to human facial muscles

Like when you’re happy, you may naturally find yourself smiling without even trying to!

And… =when we change our facial expressions, we can change our emotions to a certain degree!=

Practice 1/2 Smile

First, I want you to relax all of your facial muscles (from forehead to jaw)

Be sure to let go of the forehead, the eyes and brows, cheeks, mouth, and tongue

Move the corners of your lips slightly up, enough so you can feel them

But not enough to make it a noticeable grin

Why not grin?

Turns out, a full grin can be too tense in this exercise

And it may mask your true feelings!

Try your best to keep your face serene

If it helps, imagine something that is peaceful to you

You can do 1/2 smile if you have a negative emotion that you want to change, or really anytime in your day!

Perhaps you can practice when you wake up every morning…

Inhale and exhale 3 breaths while 1/2 smiling