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True meaning of life

Jordan Peterson on the True Meaning of Life

=Happiness shouldn't be our life goal=, because there are times in your life that you’re not going to be happy.

=What you should be pursuing instead is "who you could be"=. First thing it’s like because you’re not who you could be and you know it.

Associated with that, you should be attempting to formulate some conception of the highest good that you can conceive.

Your life is short and troublesome and ou need to do something worthwile with it.

Then you should do the most worthwhile and you should figure out what that is for you.

Part of that will definitely going to be =develop your character=.

If you’re fortunate and do that carefully then happiness will descend upon you from time to time.

Perhaps during sorrowful times, the fact that you’ve strengthened your character that will give you moral fortitude to endure without becoming corrupted during those times.

You should be the strongest person at your father’s funeral.

The mission is the constant improvement of your character. Lot of that’s done in dialogue with your conscience.

Socrates said “Conscience is always telling you what you shouldn’t be doing”